The deposition schedule this week appears to be narrowing, though it continues to be fluid.

Two congressional sources provide this as latest deposition schedule for this week shared with the committees.

One source said that one reason the others may have been removed is because they still need to find counsel on short notice, and they could be scheduled for next week. Rep. Adam Schiff’s office declined to comment.

Here’s a look at the current schedule:

  • Tomorrow: Bill Taylor, acting US ambassador to Ukraine
  • Wednesday: Michael Duffey, Office of Management and Budget associate director for national security programs
  • Thursday: Alexander Vindman, the director of European affairs with the National Security Council

While Duffey is scheduled, the OMB said this morning he will not comply. 

Three names are no longer on the current schedule: State Department’s Philip Reeker, Suriya Jayanti, who is in the Kiev embassy, and Tim Morrison, a top Russia adviser at the National Security Council

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