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Special Report From Ed Lester:

Hi My name is Ed Lester…

If you’re serious about abundance—In the next minute and a half I’m going to let you in on “2 SECRET KEYS” which unlock the unlimited power of the Law of Attraction.

Believe me, the first of these keys is a scientifically proven piece of magic that allows you to attract anything you desire into your life. Without effort, anxiety or unnecessary hard work.

It only works in combination with Secret Key number 2. A shockingly simple principle which I guarantee you (and will in a moment prove to you) is:

“The Number #1 Secret of Successful Manifestation”

Without this second key you’ll never make the Law of Attraction work. And I promise you only 1 or 2 people in every thousand even understand the principle…Let alone know how to make it work.

Those that do know how to use the 2 keys are enjoying lives filled with unlimited wealth, happiness, love and success.

When I’ve shared the 2 secret keys, you’ll be able to use them to attract your dream life too.

You’ll know exactly what to do next…

The first key is something I call the “Miracle Technique”

When you combine the quantum power of the law of attraction with this secret key missing ingredient, you suddenly take your own personal power… your ability to attract… your state of consciousness and evolution to an infinitely higher level.

It’s something you really have to experience for yourself on a regular basis in order to fully understand its implications and effectiveness.

I will share with you this:

Throughout history, in all fields of endeavor–from business to politics…from sports to the arts…from science to personal development and the healing arts—high achievers have ALL known how to harness and use the power of their subconscious mind.

Today, I want to give you access to the same uncommon skills and knowledge. And, as a result you’ll light up with the sudden realization…

“So THAT’S how they do it!”

You’re about to experience the lightbulb moment you’ve been waiting for all this time…

You’re going to start unleashing and enjoying more positive abundance in the next few days than you ever have before. Finally, attracting the life you REALLY want (without stuggle, anxiety and hard work).

Manifestion will become child’s play for you.

It doesn’t matter if financial abundance has eluded you up to now… Because knowing these secrets changes everything…

I know if you’re like 99% of the population you’ve been struggling to manifest the financial success you and your family have always hoped for.

There’s a reason (and it’s not just fear of failure or blocks from the past…

I’m going to get to the reason in just a moment. And trust me, it’s going to change EVERYTHING for you.

That’s right. I’ve seen it again and again

In the next few minutes, you’re going to understand the 2 most powerful and undeniable secrets which make the Law of Attraction work . The hidden keys they did NOT include in the book or and movie.“The Secret” .

If you’ve been trying to attract your dream life for a long time now (without achieving the success you desire and deserve)…

Sit tight…Take a deep breath…

What you’re about to discover will attract magical results for you…

You’ll no longer need to accept average results because you and I know you dream of something so much bigger and better

You want to live a life of true abundance? Finally able to attract anything you want?

Take a deep breath…don’t go anywhere…hang on to your seat and stay tuned to the most important, crazy, life changing message you’ll ever hear.

Now for just a moment, Imagine what it would be like to enjoy true financial freedom. Able to buy any car, new home, or luxury vacation you choose.

You have that beautiful goal in your minds eye?


You want to become truly empowered?

Remove all fears…worries… self doubt…lack of confidence and all other abundance energy blocks

I want to help you to do that!

You want to live a life filled with love and deep, fulfilling, beautiful relationships? Create your dream life with your soul mate? Be surrounded by people who love and respect you for who you are?


You want you to finally not just understand but actually experience your destiny, your true purpose in life?

Stay tuned. The door to unlimited and infinite opportunity, financial abundance and fulfillment is about to open for you.

No matter what it is you want, I’m going to show you how the ultra-abundant made the universe their partner in success. Allowing them to achieve and experience shocking, quite amazing results.

No matter what they wanted. Money & Wealth. Love. Business Success. Positive energy and a truly happy smile on their face every morning.

You can have those things too.

You CAN make the Law of Attraction work and you can manifest miracles in your life.

Perhaps the best way I can explain this is by telling you a little about myself…

Here’s my story…

I’d like to introduce you to “me” back in the year 2009…

If you met me you’d think all was great. I’d recently moved to New Zealand with my wife Ruth. And we’d started a family. We had a beautiful 2 year old daughter and a son (as it would turn out) on the way.

Everything seemed fine on the outside. But we were struggling…

Our online travel company was being hit hard by a falling economy and things just weren’t working out.

We’d borrowed heavily. Taken risks that seemed reasonable at the time.

But one day it all came crashing down.

It was our dream to make that business into something special. To create something for our family to be proud of.

We worked hard. We put everything into it.

Things seemed to be working out. We had a keen and wealthy investor from the US fly over. He was going to help us grow the venture into a financial success story.

But at the last minute his enthusiasm evaporated. There were dark clouds on the economic horizon and he pulled the plug.

We shook hands but I knew things were really bad now.

Having to drive home and tell my family the news was the hardest thing.

I was traumatised to be honest.

And it’s hard to convince your pregnant wife that everything is going to be fine when you’re struggling to believe it yourself.

I wanted to be a success. At heart. I’m a born optimist and my family all believed that I was doing great.

But the truth was about to come crashing down. We were financially in a real mess. And in that moment I felt that I was somehow cursed. I figured my inherited beliefs about money had caused the problem.

Or maybe I was sabotaging myself and had some kind of a scarcity virus?

I knew other people could manifest the things they wanted. But it hadn’t worked out that way for me and my family.

In fact my dream life was now in tatters.

Looking at my young family I felt guilty and dreadfully stuck. I wasn’t sure how to move forward or even where to start.

I put on a brave face. But deep down I was really doubting myself…

I was very aware of books like “The Secret” and teachings about The Law of Attraction and manifesting success…

As an optimist and an ambitious person, these ideas sat well with me.

I knew they could work and I’d had some success in the past with positive thinking and affirmations.

But it wasn’t working on this occasion.

I was trying to convince myself we could get through our financial problems and that everything world soon be ok.

But in truth the universe just wasn’t listening. Nothing was working.

My wife smiled and said “Things will be ok”

But I could tell she didn’t believe it this time. And I was beginning to feel like a failure. I was running out of ideas.

I remember one day I thought I had everything figured out. I raised my vibration and pretty much forced myself to feel positive.

“It worked!”(But I was kidding myself of course…)

One minute, I suddenly had clarity. And I saw a way forward.

But it didn’t last. There was a tide that was moving against me. I could feel it getting stronger.

And how do you hold onto that happy, calm energy when you’re constantly facing a negative bank balance.

And the phone answer machine was flashing with a dozen messages. All of which I knew were people angrily chasing bill payments.

I was financially stuck. And I couldn’t see a way forward…

I was devastated. I kind of felt like a fraud too. Because I was always telling people to see the positive in everything.

But now I was really embarrassed at my own failure and didn’t know where to turn.

My parents had helped out as best they could and I didn’t want them to know the struggles we were having.

And I guess I could have gone to my friends for help but that was never an option I would entertain.

I went days without eating or sleeping. Trying to figure out a way forward. How to save the business or come up with another option.

Nothing was working though. Every idea I had either needed significant investment or would just take too long to work.

Until one day I was sitting with my family at breakfast. Quiet and lost in my own thoughts….

I suddenly had the flicker of an idea.

Before moving to New Zealand, I had enjoyed a very successful career as a professional hypnotherapist and life coach.

I started thinking about why I’d drifted off that path and why I had spent almost 3 years away from it.

The truth hit me all of a sudden. (And it hit hard)

I needed to be by myself…

So I got in the car and sped to my office.

I spent some time meditating and pondering deeply on my purpose and my passions. I knew that was the space in which the answers would be most likely to show up.

I started mentally going over my old client notes and case histories. I’d helped literally thousands of clients in my day. And I’d run a professional training school in the UK too.

What I was trying to figure out now was how to move forward in a way that would both light me up AND solve my financial problems at the same time.

And suddenly everything just clicked into place

I returned home genuinely excited for the first time in ages.

I could tell she didn’t want to get her hopes up but she definitely agreed there was something in it.

I knew for a fact I was onto something big.

Because as I analyzed my years of client and training work. And asked myself the question …

I realized I had discovered something profound

This was something I was convinced was going to turn my financial fortunes around quickly.

Something which would in turn help many other people who were struggling too.

My realization that day was directly linked to the journey that leads from scarcity–to prosperity and abundance.

I had identified the number 1 secret of successful manifestation.

In short, I KNEW how to make the Law of Attraction work.

And I couldn’t wait to test out my method in the real world.

I knew I had 2 things to do…

Firstly I tested my big idea on myself

I locked myself away with pen, paper and a voice recorder and I created myself the first of what I would later call my “Abundance Meditations”.

This first meditation was based on “The Miracle Technique”

It worked like a charm. Pretty much instantly. I felt my old confidence and vigor restored.

In fact I felt what I can only describe as “superhuman”.

And the effects were immediate

After another heart to heart conversation with Ruth, I spontaneously went back into the hypnotherapy and life coaching business.

I made one thing clear from the start though.

This time, I would be following MY path.

I would do things my way. And that way would be ABUNDANCE.

I would take on clients who were abundance minded. Who believed in the Law of Attraction and creating magic. Ambitious people with big dreams.

I was determined that at least 80% of my client base would be those people.

And I would help them overcome all challenges and blocks. So that they could live their dream lives and attract all the wealth, happiness and success they desired.

This turned out to be the start of an amazing new chapter

Although Ruth had been a little skeptical about me moving back into my old profession, that was soon wiped away.

And any initial fears and anxiety I experienced turned out to be unnecessary.

It turned out I had the holy grail of Law of Attraction right there in my hands.

The “Miracle Technique” was what made it work. Along with the “Number 1 Rule for Successful Manifestation”.

I knew this rule was scientific fact.

Shockingly, I also knew that not 1 in 500 people even understood it.

The success stories started immediately

I quickly became living proof that these abundance secrets worked…

Financial stress quickly dispersed…

My son was born and he was an amazing gift to us.

We soon moved into a new home…spent our days walking on the beach and relaxing…The world was suddenly our oyster again…

And more importantly, my amazing clients soon started reporting magical changes too

My clients were suddenly overcoming traumatic blocks they’d held onto for years.

They were letting go of fear and anxiety.

Instead of being hard, life was now becoming fun and adventure-filled for these people.

Every single client I shared The Miracle Technique with started to report big wins.

And all because of a 20 minute audio mediation containing a simple…transformational…process I call “The Miracle Technique”…

If my story at all resonates with you…

And if you’re going through any kind of financial stress or other challenges are holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve, understand this…

It is not your fault. And it is not something you need to keep struggling with.

Because the Law of Attraction simply won’t work for you unless you have the keys to unlock the process.

And when you do have those keys, everything magically becomes easier.

You feel like a different person. A genuinely abundant person…

And therein lies the real secret.

Because I bet at this point you’re wondering just what is The Miracle Technique?

And what exactly is the Number 1 Rule for Successful Manifestation?

Well in truth, it all comes down to what I call your unique “Source Code”.And living in the energy and unique power that is yours alone to unleash…

You see, we all know that there is “Source Energy” out there in the universe.

What most people don’t know is that to access it you have to tune into your own connection point. This is the part that is called your “Source Code”.

The Hidden Secret is this…To Manifest Everything You Want In Your Life – You First Have To Become Everything You Were Meant To Be

And not only is it easy to do…The truth also goes way, way deeper than this…

What you have to realize is that the universe is always ready to deliver you your dreams.

Being on your true path…being happy and successful…and ultimately being financially abundant and free on every level…

Financial Abundance and all of these other gifts are available to you at any time… 24/7/365…

Success is yours, once you know how to make the internal shift in your mindset and your energy. (by unleashing your unique source code)

Now listen very, very carefully because the most important part of this presentation is coming up right now…

Including the 100% reliable “How to become a very lucky person” which I’ll share with you in a few moments…

Because you see “The Miracle Technique” and “The Source Code Secret” lead you to a place of manifestation and absolute confidence where you can achieve anything you desire…

And here’s something absolutely critical you need to grasp right now…

The secret keys I’ve shared with you today are built on some of the most powerful lessons in psychology…peak performance…and science…

And they are secrets that virtually nobody (including the so called experts) understand…

But I’m sharing them with you here today.

For instance, in all of my abundance scrips and mediations I always use the “3 Universal Laws of Attraction”

And I’d love to share more about those in a minute or two…

But first, one of the biggest Law of Attraction secrets of all…

There is a phenomenon in psychology known as IMR (or ideomotor response)

It basically means that in small ways your body is always compelled to do the things your mind tells it to do.

And how does you mind communicate it’s intentions to your body?

Through your beliefs. Through your identity…

It turns out who you truly believe you are dictates your manifestation results…

In short, once you believe and feel the energy of being financially abundant you will BECOME that person.

And everything will become easier and more enjoyable. And you’ll attract the live you desire and deserve–just as sure as the sun rises every day…

I was blown away too!

Don’t think that my success with my clients was something I took lightly.

The miracle technique worked so well for me on a personal level–and for everyone I shared it with that frankly, I was blown away.

I knew I’d been given a very rare gift…

And one thing became very, very obvious to me…

Real, deep, transformational change and all the priceless benefits that it attracts…

This kind of change always happens in a flash. In an instant.

And I realised that in my Abundance Scripts And Meditations I could create dozens and dozens of those magical change “instants” for my clients.

I started to share my abundance meditations with other people around the globe.

I just did it in a small way to start.

I wanted to see what the results would be.

And it was staggering. Mindblowing in fact.

One man from Portland who had been homeless soon contacted me to say his life had turned around 180 degrees.

In fact, less than a year after starting to use The Miracle Technique, he was happy. financially comfortable…and working as a coach helping others!

Chatting to him on skype I could tell he had tears in his eyes as he thanked me and told me “I’m going to pick up my daughter and take her for lunch IN MY NEW CAR!”

And another lady told me point blank that as well as rediscovering her lost confidence and her financial freedom, she DEFINITELY credited The Miracle Technique for allowing her to find and marry the true love of her life. After she had admittedly given up on this particular goal years before.

These scripts and meditations were changing lives around the world

The more people I shared with, the more crazy stories and thankyou” love notes” I received…

And it was obvious to me I had to make this solution available to anyone who was ready to receive their dream life.

In recent times I’ve been making The Miracle Technique and all the other abundance meditations and tools available to the people who need them the most. Those people who use them to manifest magical results in their lives.

People who have been struggling with:

> Difficult blocks or issues with self belief

> Disappointing results and feeling really stuck

> Knowing that The Law of Attraction can work and should work. But not quite being able to manifest the big things (like money, love and a true life of fulfilment and purpose)

I am truly humbled and amazed by the genuine and heartfelt success stories that constantly flow in…

It turns out that making the Law of Attraction light up like a Christmas Tree–and deliver all it’s miraculous results–has NEVER been easier than when you follow my lead.

And now, I’ve put together all of these transformational meditations and teachings and packaged them into possibly the most powerful and results-proven Abundance Program ever created…

Ultimate Financial Abundance – The Instant Law of Attraction Success Program

How to make the law of attraction work… and deliver you the life of your dreams…

And it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. That I can promise you wholeheartedly.

This will give you the exact help you’ve been looking for. Wonderful things will start to show up for you at lightning speed.

The hidden forces of attraction and creation have ALWAYS been the secret resources of the rich and successful. Now you can use the same secrets to claim your abundant life.

Let me prove it to you. Think of someone you really respect as a good person who has also become very successful. Someone generous, compassionate or dedicated to helping others–but at the same time acknowledged as outrageously wealthy and abundant…

Now whoever comes to mind…

I can pretty much guarantee you their life has not been a bed of roses

Oprah would be a perfect example that comes to mind. She moved from one extreme of a challenging painful childhood to becoming one of the wealthiest and most successful women in history. And she’s gone on to help, support, teach and empower millions of others.

She’s achieved that on her terms, in her own unique style and with her own unique energy.

Her story is part of her success. She has used the power of creative force to walk her own pathway. You can now start doing exactly the same by utilizing the same energy you’ve been using to compromise and restrain your ambitions, to hold you back.

You can now use that same energy in a positive way to make breakthroughs and startling improvements in your life.

You are an energetic being brimming with positive potential

Even if you have a habit where your energy sometimes drifts into fear, frustration, pain, confusion, worry, doubt, anxiety or uncertainty…

Look, it doesn’t matter. The whole purpose of my program is to show you how to connect all the dots . To convert all of those internal energies and let go of everything holding you back. To transform all of your blocks and negative feelings into an energy which gives you true abundance and all the rewards and treasures to go with it.

“Ultimate Financial Abundance” literally makes the Law of Attraction start working for you overnight

In fact, you’ll be amazed with just how much progress you’re going to bring into your personal world within just a few days. It’s mind-blowing what’s possible when you use get your subconscious working for you instead of against you.

You want joy and fulfillment–and the self belief to get everything you deserve in life? This is the perfect way to achieve it faster than you have ever likely given yourself permission to believe is possible.

Do you know how rich and ultra-abundant people think?

The mindset that gets them their breakthroughs? They don’t just write a list of goals. They write their entire personal success story.

They let go of their painful energy and they actually harvest abundance from their past…they change their future reality and their present realities and experiences magically change too.

In short, successful people literally choose and create the story of their life’s success–just the same way you design, say, a beautiful garden or a beautiful home.

That’s why “Ultimate Financial Abundance” is the exact program you need to throw yourself into.

Because it gently and powerfully gives YOU the creative space–and the simple hypnotic, meditation techniques and tools which allow you to manifest YOUR own abundance success story–starting today.

There’s no reason to wait, no reason to put up with the things you’ve been putting up with. It’s time to hypnotize your future pathway. To allow your true destiny and abundance to become activated.

If you’re wondering if this is all too good to be true. Stop wondering.

Receiving the abundance you seek is simply a matter of reverse engineering the lessons others have already learned. Taking the simple instant shortcuts.

Look, I don’t get my theories from dusty old textbooks. And this is not one of those programs created by someone who doesn’t actually have the credentials or the results to back it up.

Everything I show you and share with you is based on the same breakthroughs and success techniques I’ve uncovered from working with thousands and thousands of clients and real students over decades.

It’s the same tools and secrets my clients have used to go from sadness to happiness…from stuck to personal freedom… these are the same processes

I’ve consistently used to help people build EXTREMELY successful businesses, fantastic rewarding careers, passionate and fulfilling lives.

It’s too easy for you to get hooked into worry and negative beliefs and energy

It’s also too easy to let life’s disappointments and heartaches totally compromise your health and emotional strength.

I want to get you out of that loop.

What happens over time is that struggle starts to feel like reality. Like you really are limited in what you can achieve in life and it has to be excruciatingly hard. This just is NOT true.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Your only limits are those imposed by your imagination.

So let’s start removing those glass ceilings for you TODAY

The real power of Ultimate Abundance is to help you reclaim your life… your positivity, your happiness. To be free to be your old self again. It gives you peace of mind and gold-plated self-confidence. And you’ll soon discover just how amazing you really are–and your amazingness leads you quickly back onto your true life’s pathway. (A pathway which incidentally, over the next few days is going to be paved with miracles for you.)

And the only place, truth be told, where you’re ever really going to really feel emotionally, spiritually and abundantly at home.

You know, becoming financially abundant and independent is not about cheating or swindling or just being plain ol’ lucky. It’s also not about working yourself into an early grave, or missing out on the fun in life. These are just timeless myths that you’ve been told and maybe you’ve programed into yourself like a subconscious ball and chain.

I’m here to tell you, you can unplug from those beliefs immediately and plug your energy into something better by saying to yourself…

“Good people CAN become truly abundant and have more than enough money, health, happiness and love.”

You see how easily that works? How good it feels to actually CHOOSE your personal beliefs and shed the old mental baggage? It creates a belief bridge so that you suddenly realize you CAN manifest your dream car and your perfect job or business. You can travel the world. You CAN choose the life that you most desire. You can discover your life’s purpose and live it with unbridled passion.

Fall in love, have fun, have someone love you for who you are.

You can choose ALL of your beliefs and that will make you a magnet abundance…

And you can evaporate all of the vampire beliefs that are draining your energy and making you doubt yourself – when what you need is to truly believe in yourself again.

If you want more money, you’ll need to believe you’re a magnet for it– and you ARE

If you want more love you’ll need to believe you’re truly lovable– and you ARE

If you want better health you’ll need to believe that your body is amazing and can heal, repair and strengthen itself– and it CAN.

The Law of Creative Force is the single most powerful and transformational personal development tool that I know of. And I’ve tested all of them.

It’s so easy and you’re going to have so much fun when you start using it, and unleashing it in your life

This process puts you on a pathway to personal success. If you think about it, everything about abundance and your life’s journey comes down to being on the right path.

So if things aren’t going as well as you wish for right now, it could be as simple as stepping sideways onto that parallel pathway – your true pathway.

Ultimate Abundance is founded on that exact principle. Won’t it be refreshing to have a new sense of inner happiness and peace, and to actually feel like yourself again? Like everything’s starting to fit into place? Finally able to live the life you want to live.

When I was just 15 years old I discovered abundance as an actual process that you can learn and master. I was taught the secret at that young age and the thing that really knocked my socks off? The feeling of reclaiming my right to be me, and actually live my kind of success. Not somebody else’s.

Other people teach you things that you are supposed to work. Like a certain way of doing affirmations or visualizations or goal-manifestation.

But when they don’t work consistently or when the results are far less than you hoped for, it’s SO frustrating. I really do understand that.

I really do want to give you this easier, almost lazy way to manifest your dreams

And I hope you’ll see why unplugging from all of the wrong energies – and learning to rapidly transform all of your personal energy and power into a positive, creative force – is going to change literally everything for you.

I’m talking about an explosion of “coming alive with abundance” from the inside out.

You’ve probably heard people say that The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working.

“You just have to ask for what you want”

You ask by THINKING about what it is that you want and believing it.

Well that’s fine in principle. But here’s the problem.

As I said earlier, you have a powerful imagination. And what if right now, bubbling away somewhere below the surface, in your subconscious – you have hidden abundance gremlins and demons.

– Worring about financial security, and money stress

– Nagging fears about your health, or about your family’s health, safety and happiness

– Self doubt and stress. Low self confidence that you cleverly hide from others

– Sad feelings of loneliness or emotional pain – a sense of something lacking in your personal life

It’s difficult to admit it but if any of those negative thoughts are even a little bit active below the surface…CONSCIOUSLY getting the law of attraction to work becomes frustratingly hard.

No matter how much you follow the traditional advice, you just end up feeling like you’re fighting yourself, or that it’s just easier to settle for less than you really deserve.

It’s not that the traditional advice is wrong.
There truth is there’s a big part missing…

And this totally compromises the results you achieve and explains why you haven’t got everything you wished for so far.

And the more you need something to change and manifest… the harder you try… the worse everything seems to get.

Understand this… True abundance and personal empowerment has ALWAYS had as much to do with art, imagination and creativity as it has had to do with science.

And rich, successful people have always understood this

I don’t know how. Maybe their parents taught them the true secret when they were young. Maybe they’ve got some secret club. Maybe it’s genetic. But they really do get it.

They have a knack for creating the world they desire starting with their thoughts. And after today, so will you. There’s no reason for you to struggle when your thoughts really can create your reality. When you follow my creative pathway to abundance, the things you always desired start to show up one by one – just like the lights coming on on the Christmas tree.

When you start achieving the breathtaking results Ultimate Abundance gives you, you get that wonderful sparkle back in your eyes. And you’re going to wonder why you didn’t start using these secrets years ago.

The pure feelings of relief will be truly wonderful. The joy of recognizing sudden endless possibilities for yourself is going to stay with you forever.

Why does it work so well? Because you can’t even begin to imagine how many false, negative, limiting and unhelpful energies you can quickly unplug from. And how many positive energy sources and flow experiences are available for you to instantly plug into using the power of your subconscious.

Let me reveal to you just ONE example from literally hundreds of ideas and techniques waiting for you inside of “Ultimate Financial Abundance”

It’s the example of LUCK. Of being a lucky person. You know, finding things… winning things… attracting things… like treasures out of thin air.

You see, you might believe you’re not a lucky person or that people can’t choose to become lucky people.

Well you’d be totally wrong on both counts. Congratulations, now you can unplug from those negative, limiting beliefs straight away and I’ll show you how.

It might sound a bit controversial. Slightly out there – almost like the X Files. But it’s actually not.

Scientists such as Professor Richard Wiseman in the UK have shown through experiments that people can CHOOSE to label themselves as “lucky”…

And when they do label themselves as lucky, they become lucky. Almost by magic. Reality starts to bend to their will and delivers actual results. For example, those people start to FIND MONEY in the street.

Like I said, it’s TRUE. Go and check it…

It’s based on solid science and is absolutely proven and measurable

This same science also explains why you can choose the belief that “Good People” can also be abundant and rich people. And it will change everything for you.

As Henry Ford famously said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”. And I’m not just talking about positive thinking here. I’m talking about actual tangible results.

In case you were wondering “Will this technology work for you?”

Please let me reassure you…

The technology of using the Law of Attraction in partnership with your subconscious—ALWAYS works

Again, it’s what all rich, happy and abundant people do automatically as a habit in order to create their dream life.

And also in case you were wondering, this program is NOT like all the others. It’s totally unique. When you start working through it you’ll think you’ve won the lottery. Or you’ll feel like that guy Biff in the movie “Back To The Future” who is gifted a sports almanac from the future which delivers to him the keys to wealth and prosperity.

It really will feel like cheating but it absolutely is not

I spent 30 years practicing and perfecting the science and art of Hypnotherapy…NLP…Energy Healing…Life Coaching…Abundance Meditation…Just about every personal development and healing modality you can imagine.

And I’ve condensed everything into a magical method called HypnoAbundance which is going to change your life and infinitely elevate your consciousness and your results.

Again and again, our Ultimate Abundance customers absolutely LOVE what they get from this program. Every day, without fail I get bunches of emails from delighted, happy clients telling me of the miraculous changes that are happening for them. Amazing new jobs…wonderful relationships, romance and true love… adventures…life changing success stories.

This program is creating BIG ripples in the world

And I can’t tell you how happy and proud those success stories make me feel. I really hope you’ll now choose to become one of them too and claim the abundance that is yours—no compromising.

For today, as you’ll notice, I’ve managed to keep the cost of this program at a ridiculously low level. And that’s because I really do want to help you.

So go ahead and click the button below and let’s get you started discovering and unleashing your true abundance. Getting the results from the Law of Attraction that you truly deserve! My dear friend, Your life is about to become totally amazing!

So let me tell you about just a few of the things covered in this program. If I told you about everything, we really would be here all day!

So, here are some of the highlights and the benefits you can expect to enjoy over the days ahead…

Inside module 1, right from the start you can make big personal transformational breakthroughs

Right from the get go, you’re unplugging all kinds of negative energy. Releasing all kinds of blocks.

You’re attracting a far more positive and powerful energy and wonderful feelings into your life.

The way I like to picture it is like an imagination treasure map. You start to see right at the beginning, a crystal clear vision of your potential future. It’s totally empowering for you.

You already start to feel much better… far more positive… like life is your true friend again and you can finally start having more adventures, smiling more and feeling more joyous about things.

One of the audio recordings on day 1 is designed to give you “Supreme Relaxation”

An instant feeling of total calm and peace of mind where anything becomes possible for you

Clients describe it as bliss–rejuvenating, refreshing and invigorating.

Imagine being able, whenever you like, to just plug in to true relaxation. To grab a few private moments and go to a space in your mind where nobody can bother you.

Where your body achieves a calmness and serenity that you probably haven’t experienced for a very long time…if ever.

Your mind becomes calm and peaceful so you can actually start thinking clearly for once…Getting answers, getting insights. That kind of relaxation will feel as if it’s been heaven sent.

You really do get to go to a “different place” and there you get to choose what you want to create in your imagination and to enjoy in your life.

And the Law of Attraction starts to deliver for you, like clockwork

Again, I don’t know what it is that you desire the most. It’s your secret wish. Maybe an exciting new business or job opportunity… Maybe the chance to fall in love and have a wonderful family… maybe just the kind of emotional freedom that brings peace of mind, better health and a worry-free feeling of knowing without doubt that “Everything is going to be OK”.

In module 2, you get to start building up your self belief, improving your confidence levels

If you’ve ever secretly suspected that your confidence has been the thing holding you back, then be prepared to escape that forever.

Be prepared to get back in control of your life – you can expect to quickly reclaim your faith in yourself and you WILL become stronger and happier.

It’s like rediscovering a part of yourself that you probably felt you’d lost long ago. Like buried treasure.

True and authentic self confidence and self-belief is one of the most powerful energies you could ever choose for yourself.

You get to actually give yourself permission to be successful

You were born with confidence. Now you get to reclaim it and soon you get to live it.

Even from just going through the first 2 days of the program, my clients are always telling me about the “miracles” that already start to happen and show up for them. New job offers, romantic dates, even proposals of marriage and surprise financial luck.

I’m NOT promising that those kinds of manifestation miracles will happen for you in just 2 days. But that’s the kind of stuff that does often happen and I want you to feel excited about all of the possibilities that ARE going to be showing up right in front of you.

Part of the power of Ultimate Financial Abundance and unleashing the Laws of Attraction and Creative Force in your life, is that the things that used to feel impossible suddenly don’t.

Your whole understanding of your personal potential and your so called “limits” starts to shift dramatically

Things you wouldn’t have dared imagine possible. With your new level of self-confidence and optimism… of course you KNOW they’re definitely possible. Certain even.

So if you’re deliberating, not sure what to do, maybe that’s a big message for you to get started right now. You’re an amazing person with massive potential but if you’re like most people, you’re just not owning your amazingness. You’re not giving yourself permission. Now is the time for you to do just that.

Go ahead and click the button below and let Ultimate Abundance work its magic for you and let me help you achieve your dreams, starting today.

Look I know you’ve probably been disappointed with stuff you’ve done in the past that hasn’t worked

I must admit I used to get really frustrated when I put in effort and energy and got nowhere. But commit to my Ultimate Abundance program, just download the program, plug in your headphones, relax and let it all soak in.

And I guarantee you that you WILL notice massive improvements in your life, on all levels.

I often feel like Gandalf in Lord of the rings when he shouts out “Do not mistake me for some conjurer of cheap tricks!”

But it’s so important that I stress that point. These tools in Ultimate Abundance are the best. The real deal. I know what I’m doing when I say I can help you.

And you owe it to yourself to give yourself access to the absolute best resources and training materials available. Don’t you think?

There’s something very important for you to think about.

It’s a fact of life, something known as the ‘Abundance Lag’

In other words, it’s the amount of time between that moment when you decide you’re ready to come alive with abundance and the time when you actually start to notice the results.

What the Abundance Lag means is that the life you’re experiencing right now today, this moment, is a result of the way you were thinking and the pathway you chose subconsciously sometime in the past.

Some of it was caused by things you did just days or weeks ago.

So the great news is, when you decide to get started with Ultimate Abundance today and breakthrough to an exciting, empowering life… you may well start noticing big results within just a few weeks or even just a few days.

And I mean big, audacious, positive, wonderful changes that you’ve probably been hoping for, for years

So the sooner you get started, the sooner everything starts changing and showing up for you–and the sooner you can stop putting up with negative feelings, disappointments and a demoralizing sense of always settling for less than you deserve.

I’m really hoping you choose to get started today. There’s no reason to put your abundance off any longer.

Click the button below and get instant access to YOUR Ultimate Abundance.

Ok, your still here. I understand, I’m actually delighted that my ideas are resonating enough with you to keep listening. The fact you’re into abundance and demanding an amazing life for yourself inspires me.

Let me tell you about one of my bonus audios I’ve included when you sign up for Ultimate Abundance today…

It’s called Financial Abundance Miracle…

Getting the “Think and Grow Rich Philosophy” to actually work for YOU

This is about the process of changing your financial mindset…Creating and Attracting more than enough money for you and your family to finally stop worrying and start enjoying life more.

Of course the goal of financial abundance–Attracting more than enough money and financial freedom into your life, so that you can be truly comfortable–is a key part of the abundance jigsaw for so many people.

When you receive a financially abundant mindset for yourself, you relieve all of that pressure. No more panicking, no more not being able to sleep at night.

It’s a step-by-step process and you will get the breakthroughs you’re looking for.

If worrying about finances and paying bills and debts is a big concern for you, then rest assured helping you get past that block is a big goal for me and for of this program.

Think about those old negative beliefs like “I’m not good enough. I don’t bring enough obvious value to the table”, “Becoming financially abundant is impossible for me”.

You know, unplugging from all those negative beliefs is going to make a world of positive difference in your life

You know people talk about so called “glass ceilings”. The idea you have an internal program running, or an internal switch, that says you are only capable of earning a certain amount of money. Or that you’re only capable of achieving a certain level of success in your life. And when that switch trips, everything starts to go wrong, and you go back to where you were before.

Ultimate Abundance will enable you to evaporate and explode through all of those negative beliefs and blocks, and countless others besides. Financial freedom starts with emotional freedom and true inner strength and power.

This is covered throughout the program. In fact, achieving true personal freedom is one of the overarching goals.

If you don’t feel totally free to fly… to be yourself—to soar on every level… How could that ever be called true abundance?

You’re going to love the whole experience AND the journey of Ultimate Abundance!

Click the button below and you’ll get access to the bonus module “Financial Abundance Miracle” straight away.

Ok maybe you still not sure?

If you’re like many of my clients and students maybe you often feel stuck or you procrastinate.

Let me tell you about one of the other recordings included in the program.

It’s called “Virtual Personal Trainer”

It gives you the keys to quickly install a habit of being motivated and energized. Imagine having your very own virtual personal trainer that keeps you on track…helps you make better decisions…and guides you on your journey to happiness, health, wealth and fulfillment.

Virtual personal trainer is part of the Abundance of Health and Vitality module waiting for you inside your Ultimate Abundance members area right now.

This module also includes a breakthrough audio “Losing weight effortlessly using the Law of Attraction” I won’t tell you any more about that one now.

It will be a nice surprise for you, but let me tell you one thing. If you’ve tried all the diets, struggled with your weight. Fought hard to burn off fat only to fail and put it all back on again—my methodology and tools for losing weight easily and permanently will be mind bending.

You won’t believe how freeing and empowering this Law of Attraction mindset is when it comes to genuine, long term weight loss success.

If health, vitality, energy, beauty, and a fit and healthy mind and body are big abundance priorities for you, click the button below and let’s get you instant access to start using the program and creating your dream life immediately.

Ok, one other part of the program I want to tell you about covers the concept of “True Inner Wisdom”

To be successful in life you need answers, help and guidance. You need that almost angelic level of support and help. You can’t go through it all alone. You can’t do it all through struggle – the stressful, lonely, hard road.

The Laws of Attraction and Creative Force are powers that come to your assistance like transformational energy and magic. You’ll soon unlock the inner strength and power you really didn’t appreciate you had available to you.

Let me ask you to just for one moment to forget the limitations of the day to day world and REALLY use your imagination…

Imagine starting to really get life. Getting all of the answers, the guidance, the wisdom you’ve been searching for. Becoming a very intuitive person.

Always knowing what to do. Who to trust… what choices to make

Imagine it’s like having an army of angels by your side at all times. That’s how you’ll experience it. It’s precious. And the strength it gives you makes you reassess your true potential and unleash countless hidden possibilities in your life.

Imagine finding yourself, trusting yourself, Your true inner voice from within.

Imagine what it would be like to absolutely expect and demand abundance in every area of your life.

Finally saying goodbye to feelings of lack. Lack of money, lack of love, lack of self belief…lack of confidence…any kind of lack.

How did that feel. Great is how it should feel.

I’m talking about true personal freedom. The most valuable resource in the universe

You see, one of my big, big focus areas in Ultimate Abundance is helping you to discover what I call your “Source Code for Success”–your true and unique personal power that’s been hiding inside you. Just waiting to reveal itself in spectacular fashion.

Your source code is all of that energy that will accelerate your progress. It allows you to attract so much more, and to BE so much more, and to get those rewards sooner than you ever imagined possible.

If you think about it, it makes a LOT of sense. You have a true life pathway, and the map is already inside you. It’s your destiny. You have strengths and talents, true gifts that have been hiding from you, waiting to be unwrapped.

When you discover, nurture and unleash your gifts….Wow! Everything becomes easier. You become complete.

I’ve seen so many people make that breakthrough so many times

If finding your true purpose in life–becoming stronger so that you can live your dreams, and help others–is a big priority for you…

Then this aspect of the program–finding your Source Code for Success–will be a dream come true. You’re going to love the whole experience and it will be more powerful than pretty much anything you’ve previously been taught or shown before.

There’s also a big emphasis throughout the program on helping you with relationships.

If you’re hoping to make more friends, build professional partnerships, to feel more comfortable and confident socially… You’re in luck!

Even if you’re looking to attract your soul mate, your true love for the rest of your life…this is going to become available to you to. Perhaps you want to get married?

Or to have a family that you can bring up to be truly healthy, happy, safe and abundant?

All of the inner beliefs, energy and magic you need to make these things show up in your life, will become available to you

Plus a whole lot more…

So truthfully, honestly what are you waiting for?

I want to introduce you to this exciting new world where you can live your very best life and become the person you were meant to be.

I want to help you discover your destiny.

Click the button below and let me help you to discover the power of YOUR source code for success. Your life will never be the same once you unleash the unique power and potential inside of you.

Let’s get serious and let’s get you started on this pathway to abundance, today. Right now.

Also, I want to reassure you that the ordering process is entirely safe. I specifically chose clickbank as the payment processor for this program. I did that because they are one of the biggest in the world and their payment process is entirely secure and encrypted, for your peace of mind.

And remember it includes my unconditional, no questions 60 day guarantee, so you really can rest assured that you have nothing to risk in giving this program a good, honest tryout.

Using the program is the opposite of hard work. It’s refreshingly and ridiculously simple to absorb this material and whats more, it’s wonderfully therapeutic. It’s as simple as plugging in some headphones and just listening.

And you WILL get to change your life, you WILL get your abundance, you WILL come alive with energy and positivity

It’s as simple as making a clear, vibrant and inspirational picture in your mind of your life exactly as you want it to be… All of your secret wishes come true. And understanding that the universe is about to help you and partner with you to create it and make it your long overdue reality.

So go ahead and click the button below right now and let’s get you signed up, let’s get you started making the Law of Attraction really work.

Let’s get you started straight away so that you can literally force the universe to deliver the life of your dreams…

If I’m right–and honestly having worked with thousands of successful clients and students–I’m pretty certain I am, then you’re at a crossroads right now…

The familiar path leads to more of the same. Frustration or, at best, the same old same old.

The new path is perhaps a little scary for you, or a little different. But I can promise you, it’s the one that will get you to your goals and dreams.

I really hope you’ll choose the Ultimate Abundance pathway…When you do, you can expect to gain amazing benefits including…

– Changing negative feelings into positive feelings whenever you need to, without ever having to think about it. No hard work. It just happens!

– Not letting other people’s negative beliefs, energies, comments, criticisms EVER affect or drain you. Actually breaking free of the negative power and influence of other people forever so that you can set your own expectations for prosperity, health, happiness and love

– Getting more focused, feeling more disciplined and in control of things. More relaxed about being in control and inspirational results to show for it

– Starting to gently change your direction in life so you really do find yourself back on your true life path… Your destiny. You will discover your purpose and your calling. And you will be able to live that purpose.

– Feeling way more confident, assertive and happy in social situations or when you meet other people

– Actually being able to create and manifest feelings of happiness, joy, prosperity, peace and safety, comfort and calm…whenever you need to

– Becoming stress and tension free. Living an enlightened life of peace and harmony

– Finding more and more ways, not just to feel better yourself but to be able to help others and having a positive effect and bringing a positive energy to the world around you

– Feeling pure infinite love, tranquility and well being, peace, freedom and success in your life

– Learning to have a wonderful relationship with yourself. To be kinder to yourself. To be comfortable in your skin. To get the very, very best out of yourself. You’ll soon start to find that people are then attracted to you and love you for who you are

– Living with a feeling of security, comfort and absolute certainty that things WILL work out well for you in your life

– Actually becoming luckier in life. Finding that great fortune and amazing treasures are being attracted directly to you

– Learning to trust yourself and to trust others without leaving yourself open to hurt or being taken advantage of

As you know abundance is not just one thing. It’s the whole big picture of your life. Many different things. The whole story if you like.

So my question is why put up with less than you wish to enjoy in life?

Why settle for less than the very best you can have?

As I explained, the life you’re experiencing today is a result of the choices, experiences, perceptions, beliefs, and actions from your past.

So the choices you make today are going to create your world in the very near future.

That’s why it’s so important to get started right now in creating that future. The sooner you break through and start creating true abundance in every area of your life, the sooner you get to enjoy all of the benefits and the amazing experiences and opportunities.

So if love, health, wealth, happiness, true joy, prosperity and a meaningful life of freedom are what you’ve been searching for…click the button below and let’s get you started with this program straight away.

I want to help you, and I want to show you how to start really making the Law of Attraction work in a big way in your life

My big motivation for making this program was always to give people around the world access to a high level, professional abundance program that actually works and delivers proven results for a very, very affordable price.

If you were to become a personal coaching client of mine, the cost for us working together for just an hour would be many, many times more than this entire program.

And in “Ultimate Financial Abundance” I still teach you all of the techniques and tools that I would teach you if we were working face to face.

I’m very proud that thanks to the power of the internet and digital technology, I’ve been able to do this for you and to offer it directly to you.

So it really is a big opportunity for you to start creating amazing and positive changes for yourself…

To create an extraordinary life based on your passions and your hidden strengths…

In short, to get the Law of Attraction to finally bring you the wonderful results that you wish to get for yourself, for your family and for those you love, right now starting today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this presentation. Now you see why rich and ultra abundant people have always been able to harness the law of attraction along with the power of their subconscious so as to create and manifest their dreams.

I personally wish you all of the fun, the joy, the happiness and the adventure in the world as you now start to create your dream life too!

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