skoodo Kids Casual Sports Shoes (Boys and Girls 6-14 Years) – Angler Beta – Fiery Orange | Blue

Price: ₹ 3,649.00 - ₹ 2,554.00
(as of Jan 17,2020 08:20:25 UTC – Details)

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Full Flex

Fully flexible shoes that let kids’ feet move freely when they play.

Our FlexiMove rubber sole, with a unique dots-and-cuts GripAll tread, provides unparalleled flexibility and grip with no compromise on durability. Skoodo soles have been rigorously tested at FDDI labs and meet all SATRA standards for flexing, abrasion resistance, and slip resistance.

Wide Fit

At skoodo, we DON’T make narrow and pointy shoes. Your toes need space to spread and wiggle as you grip, climb, run, and play. So, all skoodo shoes are roomy and have a wide toe-box to give the toes space to move.

Quick-fit straps that feature in all our designs make it easy to strap up for a perfectly snug fit, so nothing comes in between you and play!

Cushy Feel

Kids LOVE our elasto foot-bed and it gets an instant “aha” across all wear-tests. It is also certified by SATRA for excellent underfoot cushioning.

Our AirFlo mesh makes every skoodo shoe light and breathable, for any-weather outdoor wear. For seasons and feet that sweat a lot, a pair of good cotton socks is highly recommended.




Experts say that wearing the wrong shoe for long durations can impact balance and posture development in kids. This can result in increased aches and pains in adulthood. Hence it is recommended to not buy shoes that are:

Narrow in front

Hard and Inflexible

Thick soled

Ill fitting

Is your child wearing the right shoe?

Kids’ feet are wider in front, with their toes spread apart, to help balance and grip better. Their muscles are still developing and need unrestricted flexing for better muscle and arch formation. Nerves at the bottom of their feet need to feel the ground evenly to send the right signals to the brain, for correct movement and posture development.

So, podiatrists and orthopaedics recommend shoes that are wide, fully flexible, and comfortable during long wear. Always buy shoes that are:




Soft and padded



How to select the right size

Are you confused about what size of shoe to order? Do you know what size your child currently wears? Have you noticed that this sizing number varies across the different shoes and brands that s/he owns?

Trouble is that sizing can vary across brands and across styles too. Hence, it is INCORRECT to select shoes from the sizing table basis the size mentioned on their current shoe.

To get the RIGHT FIT, always measure your child’s foot to get the exact length in cms/mms. Use the simple steps below to MEASURE ACCURATELY and ensure they are wearing the RIGHT SIZE ALWAYS.

Steps to measure

1. Take two Graph Sheets to MEASURE BOTH FEET, one by one.

2. STAND STRAIGHT and place the LEFT HEEL ALONG any of the straight lines on one sheet. Keep both feet next to each other and spread slightly apart.

3. Draw the foot’s outline keeping PENCIL TIP STRAIGHT throughout.

4. Count the number of squares from HEEL TO THE TIP of the LONGEST TOE.

5. The big squares are your measure in cms and the small squares in mms.

6. Multiply the total cm squares by 10 and add it to number of mm squares to get exact measurement in mms. E.g. (20 big squares x 10) + (5 small squares) = 200+5 = 205 mms

7. Repeat steps for RIGHT FOOT. Order basis the measure of the LARGER FOOT.

Sizing Tips

Measure and buy as per SIZE NOT AGE

Measure both feet and buy as per LARGER foot

Measure in the STANDING position with foot fully spread

Measure in the afternoon or later, as feet swell over the day


Key Features







Toe Protection

The signature toe-wave extends upwards from the sole to protect the toes from hurt and the shoes from fraying. Go on, keep kicking!


AirFlo mesh and rubber soles make skoodo shoes easy to wash and quick to dry so rain or shine, you’re out to play.

Easy Wear

All skoodos are lace free. The wide mouth and quick-fit straps make them easy to wear. Let nothing come in the way of play!

Closure: Hook & Loop
The best shoes for daily casual wear with Mesh & PU Material; ideal for outdoor play
Full Flexibility and grip with uniquely designed rubber sole
Wide Comfy Fit with easy to wear adjustable straps and velcro closure
Cushy Feel with soft, padded interiors
Washable, Breathable, Durable for long lasting wear

Price: ₹ 3,649.00 - ₹ 2,554.00
(as of Jan 17,2020 08:20:25 UTC – Details)

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