Following the first quarter, it looked as if we could have a close game on our hands. No. 4 Ohio State led Northwestern just 7-3 after the first 15 minutes, but then Ohio State did that thing Ohio State does: it scored a lot of points and did so in a hurry. It seemed as if there was a Buckeye in the end zone every time you opened your eyes during the second quarter as Ohio State scored three touchdowns. While it hasn’t maintained that blistering pace, it remains very much in control of this game. The Buckeyes hold a 38-3 lead after three quarters, which you have to imagine will be safe. The only question at this point is how much longer Ohio State will leave its starters in the game.

Justin Fields has thrown for 191 yards and four touchdowns. J.K. Dobbins has scored twice, one on the ground and once through the air while totaling 133 yards. Northwestern has 164 yards as a team.

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