After being upgraded to a category 4 hurricane on Friday evening, Hurricane Dorian has maintained maximum sustained winds of up to 140 mph through Sunday morning, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Dorian is currently 510 mile east of West Palm Beach, Florida, and 340 miles east of Northwestern Bahamas.

Dorian continues to move west-northwest and the forecast calls it to be “near or over” northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, and near Florida’s east coast late Monday.

The forecast calls for some strengthening of winds Saturday, with tropical storm winds beginning in northwestern Bahamas Saturday evening.

The forecast warns of a “life threatening storm surge” raising water levels as much as 10 to 15 feet above normal tide levels in areas “onshore winds in the northwestern Bahamas.”

The surge “will be accompanied by large and destructive waves” in areas near the coast, according to the forecast.

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