Brain Boosting Activity Book: Match the Pair, Find the Difference, Maze, Crossword, Dot-to-Dot (5+ Yrs)

A set of 5 books, each packed with an entertaining collection of dot-to-dot, crossword puzzles, mazes, find the difference, match the pair, and more. The fun-filled brain scratching activities of these books will keep the children engaged and boost their learning skills.

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My Activity- Maths Activity Book

‘My Activity Series’ — A perfect set of 15 books to educate and entertain young learners with age-appropriate activities. Each book has activities that make learning fun and teach basic skills of writing letters and numbers, phonics and reading, drawing and colouring, finding differences and more!

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Animal Farm

When the oppressed animals of Manor Farm defeat their master, Mr. Jones and take over the farm for themselves, they envisage it to be the beginning of independence and abundance. However, a devious and heartless elite among the animals starts to take control and the other animals find themselves helplessly trapped as another gradually replaces one form of dictatorship. Orwell’s frightening ‘fairy story’ is a timeless and overwhelming satire of idealism deceived by power and corruption. Although, it almost remained unpublished due to its savage attack on Stalin, Britain’s then ally and got turned down by publisher after publisher, today it’s known to be one of Orwell’s best works and a world-famous classic.

 George Orwell, was an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic. His work is marked by lucid prose, awareness of social injustice, opposition to totalitarianism and outspoken support of democratic socialism.

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Mandala Colouring for Kids- Book 1

Mandalas are one of the oldest art forms. They are designs that are usually in circular form. “Mandala Colouring Book for Kids” includes appealing kid-friendly patterns and invites little artists to add their choice of colours inside these interesting designs.

Mandala is an age-old art form, based on circular designs or shapes. Mandala Colouring for Kids- Book 1 puts forth several Mandala based designs for the little artists to colour, using their choice of colours and making the best use of their imagination.

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1st Activity Book – English (Kid’s Activity Books)

Dreamland Kid’s First Activity Book aims at making little children learn and understand the basics of English language. This book contains various colourful illustrations and playful activities that help the student to learn the language wonderfully but in a fun-filled way. Besides, the activities have been designed in such a way that the children shall be able to complete the activities without much help. Besides, the illustrations are kept strikingly attractive and colourful in order to make the children devote more time and attention to studies.

Targeted for students between three and five years of age, this book was published on 25, January 2012 by Dreamland Publication.

About the author:

Dreamland Publication: A recognised publication house for children books and literature, Dreamland Publication is based in Delhi and consistently has been publishing many learning books for children.

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Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book


Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet Book

It is important to introduce small children to the world of books. But toddlers are difficult to deal with as they cannot be rationalised. Hence, we must be careful in exposing them to a new colourful world. Keeping that in mind, Ladybird Books have come up with an interesting and innovative way of adding fun to the lives of small children by harnessing their imaginative power.

Designed for young children

Peppa Pig: Marvellous Magnet book is designed for three to six years old children. One of the main objectives behind the book is to encourage them to start reading by themselves knowing that reading is a boring activity for them. So, the book consists of magnetic stickers and the children are asked to use the magnetic characters to complete the picture puzzle. Importantly, the children are introduced to animal kingdom in a unique fashion. The magnets include characters like that of dogs, pigs, cats, dinosaur, teddy etc. The characters can be filled in according to the imagination of the children, which enables them to create their own stories.

Creative and fun way of learning

The small children can learn new words through this book, which is a more effective way of teaching rather than forcing them to learn things. Let them join the wonderful world of Peppa and George, her little brother. Together, they can have fun engaging in the activities they like. For mothers looking for ways to keep their children occupied while they run their daily errands, Peppa Pig is the right option. This book has the capability to keep the children occupied, yet at the same time, they get to learn new words and about new animals etc. Apart from this book, other Peppa Pig series include Peppa Pig and the Tooth Fairy, Find-the-hat Sticker and many more. Let your children be exposed to a new and fun way of learning.

About the Author

This book is published by Ladybird Books, a publishing house based out of London. It comes under the umbrella of Penguin Group of Companies. They are famous for producing children’s books for the masses. In 2015, Ladybird Publishing Company decided to enter the adult book market with its first series of adult books. Some of the titles of this series were The Hangover, Mindfulness and Dating among others.

The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can bag this book from today by following a few easy steps.

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Perfect for sharing with parents, this fun-filled book has a wonderful story to read (Puffin Book Club 2009-09-01)

Sure to be a big hit with your toddler (Mother & Baby 2009-05-01)

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Refreshing Mandala – Coloring Book for Adults Book 1

Coloring is one of the most effective stress busting activities out there. Coloring helps in harnessing creativity and makes for a productive use of our free time. Keeping in mind all these benefits of coloring, Dreamland publication has prepared the book, 'Refreshing Mandala – Coloring Book for Adults Book 1'. This book uses the symbols of Mandala that are effective and unique.

The symbols of Mandala is are made up of various shapes like circles, squares and triangles. The most fascinating part about these shapes is that they all represent a single identity ie the cosmos. The pictures in this book form a continuous shape which gives the book a whole new dimension. It is said the coloring can be therapeutic and therefore the book can help one in releasing stress and can have calming effect on one's mind. The illustrations are created keeping in mind the varied levels of the users; hence are neither too too simple nor too complex.

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The Gruffalo

A mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood. A fox saw the mouse and the mouse looked good. Walk further into the deep dark wood, and discover what happens when a quick-witted mouse comes face to face with an owl, a snake. . . and a hungry Gruffalo! Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's The Gruffalo is an undisputed modern classic and has become a bestselling phenomenon across the world with over 13.5 million copies sold. This award-winning rhyming story of a mouse and a monster has found its way into the hearts and bedtimes of an entire generation of children and will undoubtedly continue to enchant children for years and years to come. No home should be without The Gruffalo ! This handy board book format is perfect for younger readers. It features the classic story with a stunning redesigned cover and beautiful finish, making it a must-have for even the smallest Donaldson and Scheffler fans! Also available in board book format and with striking redesigned covers are: The Gruffalo's Child, Room on the Broom, The Snail and the Whale, The Smartest Giant in Town, Monkey Puzzle, Charlie Cook's Favorite Book, and A Squash and a Squeeze.

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